About Alex

Alex Vitillo - Meditation Coach

For over 15 years Alex worked in the financial world of the city of London, and dealt with hundreds of individuals with high powered jobs having to take the toll of stress in their body and mind. After a life-transforming event, Alex found profound peace in meditation, mindfulness and in the healing world.

She now makes it her mission to help every individual live an extraordinary life, right here, right now. Through her skills, awareness and intuition, she can help you to overcome challenges in your life, by highlighting limiting beliefs that stop you from experiencing harmony, abundance and flow. She helps you to restore empowering beliefs, synchronicities and grace.

Alex combines complementary skills such as coaching with intuition and healing in everything she does. Whether it is looking at physical ailments, finding a soul mate, overcoming a broken heart, living with a loss, developing self-confidence or any other issues, which may be negatively affecting your daily life, she is here to help you. Alex very much looks forward to meeting you and sharing what she has learned, in order to support you on your own spiritual and emotional journey.

"Alex did a Theta healing session with my Mum after my Mum had been diagnosed with a serious illness. My mum was amazed at how ‘spot on’ Alex was in understanding who she is as a person and she picked up on things that had happened many years earlier in her life despite not knowing anything about her before the session. My Mum felt really uplifted after the session and really looks forward to a weekly session with Alex to help her heal and return to full health. I am so excited for my Mum to continue receiving healing from Alex as she helps her to release what doesn’t serve her and to evolve as an amazing woman throughout this journey"

- Elizabeth C. Jersey.