Marco Litto

Sports Therapist (MSc)
Movement Conditioning Teacher (Creator)
Sports Massage Therapist
Sport Science (BSc)


Focus/Main areas of interest: 

Postural breathing

Joint Mobility 

Bodyweight Strength 


How would you describe yourself? 

I’d say “I’m alright”. Then I’d make a “trout” face and nod a couple of times. 

What do you most value in others? 

Honesty and integrity. 

Favourite meal? 

Salmon, eggs, dates, humus, nuts, avocado and spinach “salad”. 

Do you have a morning ritual? 

I don’t have one, but I like the idea of having one. I sometimes make one up just to feel more disciplined or more excited to wake up. But it never lasts longer than a week - perhaps my ritual is to come up with rituals. 

What is one fact that most other people wouldn’t know about you? 

Up until 4-5 years ago I could barely touch my ankles… some life-changing information here, right! 


How did you get into Sports Therapy? 

Like many other therapists: getting constantly injured. I played basketball since I was 6, I had my first sciatic syndrome when I was 14 and at the age of 18 I was told my shoulder was “impinged”. I started to realise the sneaky nature of pain: it slowly changes the way you move and even the way you think. I was never treated properly, so I decided to look into it by myself. 

What do you do? 

I work with my clients to prepare their body for movement. It may sound like silly statement considering that our ability to move is innate. However, many (most?) people move so little that they end up losing the very basic capacity to move without pain or discomfort. So my work is to come up with a strategy to progressively recondition their strength, mobility and resilience. I call this strategy Movement Conditioning. 

What aspects of your work you enjoy the most? 

All of it: researching, planning, assessing, training, reassessing. 

What aspects of your work you enjoy the least? 

Having to confront myself daily with a reality that promotes the "lazy options” and is focused on numbing pain rather than explaining what it is and what can be done about it. 


Is there anything you preach but don’t practice? 

Patience. Changes don’t happen overnight. But somehow, sometimes I forget that this simple truth applies to me as well, not just to my clients! 

What was the biggest challenge when you first started? 

Again, patience. I wanted to get immediate results with each clients. This expectation can be great on one side, because it pushes you to better yourself. But on the other side creates false expectations and make you go hard on yourself. For as much as you know that improvement requires time and the body has a metabolic clock that you can’t magically speedy, 

How did you overcome it? 

I didn’t fully! I still like the idea of every clients leaving my session feeling like a new person, but I learned how to plan and measure (and enjoy) each stride and yet focus on the whole journey to weigh the result. 

How do you stay fit? 

Doing the same stuff I offer doing my classes: mobility and bodyweight strength training. Plus kickboxing and cold swimming in the winter. 

What would make you skip training? 

Skip training?