Seb Hicks

Osteopath (MSC)
Massage Therapist
Sports Therapist
Fitness Coach
Sports Rehabilitation (BSC)


Focus/Main areas of interest: 

Functional Medicine & Gut health and the link to chronic disease 

Back Pain 


What's your story?  

From community lifeguard, to practicing osteopath. A gradual progression through health related professions, always with a passion for outdoor sports, research, cycling and now fatherhood! 

How would your mother describe you? 

A pain! and a fun, hard working osteopath who loves his work and tries to make a little ripple of change for the good. 

What do you most value in others? 


Favourite meal? 

Anything made in an Italian kitchen! 


Do you have a morning/evening ritual? 

Not really. Being a father to a 7-month-old, my morning and evening rituals are often out of my hands! 

What is one fact that most other people wouldn’t’ know about you? 

I've run the Paris, Berlin, Edinburgh and London Marathons for heart research charities. 

How’d you get into osteopathy? 

I had always wanted to become involved with a physical therapy as a profession, especially following my sports background. I looked into many different therapies and I chose osteopathy because the principles and ethos of the profession really stood out for me. 

What do you teach? 

Osteopathy with a functional medicine approach to healthcare management. I like to engage patients with lifestyle input and explain that there is likely to be many facets of their lifestyle contributing to their presentation. From stress, lack of movement, poor nutrition, posture. I help address these step by step, providing strategies and increasing awareness to your body in the present moment to keep you healthy for the long-term. 


What aspects of your work you enjoy the most? 

Every day is different and making a ripple of change to a patient’s life is rewarding. Educating patients to live healthier lives I think is a very important aspect of our work, from nutrition to movement. It all counts! 

What aspects of your work you enjoy the least? 

A long physical day can sometimes affect my motivation to train and stick to my regime, but I try and stick as best I can to it and practice what I preach. 

Is there anything you preach but don’t practice? 

Not really, but I’m honest. If I’m watching football I won’t be having a pomegranate salad and beetroot juice! 

What was the biggest challenge when you first started? 

I think when you start anything new there is an element of over cautiousness and perhaps lack of authority. With experience and having seen many patients it becomes easier to establish a therapeutic relationship and create positive change and this has certainly been the case for me. 


How did you overcome it?  

Continued learning and professional development courses in my topics of interest and perhaps most importantly using my osteopathic/rehab training with clinical insight into pain and pain presentations 

How do you stay fit? 

Biking, hiking, football and running. Anything outdoorsy and always a bonus if there’s a mountain or forest close by :)