Seb Hicks

Osteopath (MSC)
Massage Therapist
Sports Therapist
Fitness Coach
Sports Rehabilitation (BSC)

“Quick-fix gym programmes are part of the problem, not the solution.”

The goal I want my patients to attain, is for an increased awareness about how best to lead a healthy life. I will carry out a comprehensive full body assessment and discuss with you factors which may have led to periods of stagnation, pain and lack of vitality in your body.

Active movement combined with osteopathic techniques are used in the sessions to reduce pain, increase joint range of motion where necessary and enhance an overall sense of body well-being and comfort.  

There is no quick fix when it comes to our health and an increased awareness to how we move, eat, manage stress and generally live is one of the best remedies towards addressing underlying health concerns and importantly how to live a life full of vitality.