AIM | Assess Improve Move

Focusing on mobility, strength and flexibility

AIM classes are for anyone who wants to perform and/or move better. We focus on mobility, strength and flexibility — working specifically with your spine, core and joints.

We start with your lower body, then move to your upper body before integrating your full body. This approach aims to reverse and prevent the effects of sedentary ageing. We change bad postures, re-learn good habits, and empower you with knowledge and tools to be healthy and positive. 

After your initial assessment, we will recommend which classes are right for you. We take into account where you are right now, where you want to be and what you want to achieve. 

The AIM Approach has transformed my life. I have always struggled with lower back pain. My lower back is now a non-issue. I do not ever think about it anymore.
— Dr. Davina Wilson

AIM Classes 

Renewed Strength & Flexibility 

Level: Beginner to Intermediate | Pace: Slow 

If you are working through an injury/ pain or perhaps feel scared of hurting yourself, this class will teach you how to move correctly and regain control of your movement. We focus on spinal articulation, joint mobility and core, in order to overcome pain and/or injury(s). 


Strength & Flexibility 

Level: Intermediate | Pace: Slow - Medium 

This class focuses on reversing postural and joint issues associated with aging, such as spinal flexion and internal rotation of the shoulders. We also strengthen your core. We gradually increase sets and repetitions, sustain positions for longer and/or add more load (weights). 


Full Body & Core 

Level: Intermediate to Advanced | Pace: Fast 

This challenging class gives you a solid foundation for overall mobility, strength and fitness. You will integrate and expand the skills learned in Strength and Flexibility class. You must be able to work independently with confidence and understand the fundamentals of movement. 



Level: Intermediate | Pace: Medium 

This class is for people who move regularly but need a reminder of correct posture and execution. Each class focuses on a specific body part and throughout the term we will cover the whole body. It will help you regain fitness, mobility and strength, and build confidence.


Level: Intermediate to Advanced | Pace: Fast 

This class is good for cardio-vascular fitness and gives you a solid foundation for mobility, strength and fitness with plyometric (jumping) skills. It requires a good level of coordination and the ability to keep up with a flow of sequences.