Brainwaves - Talk on the 27th November

Brainwaves - Talk

Why do you come to a/the class(es)?

Are you aware of your brainwave state when you enter SF Studios?

Can you achieve what you want to achieve in ‘that state’?

Are you aware of the influence that ‘your state’ has on others around you?

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In Beta, you are:

  • A strong, engaged mind

  • Intensely focused

  • A decision maker

  • Having a Debate(s)

  • A reasoning critique

  • You are alert, aroused & excited

Although we need Beta to function and to get things done well, it demands a lot of energy. It is not an effective use of energy to be in Beta, consistently and for long periods of time.

People: Focused, open eyes; talking; thinking; finger wagging; exploding; angry; stressing/anxiety; getting sick; collapsing.


You are typically in Alpha:

After you have completed a task, when you are sitting down and having a break. You are taking time out; however, you are still cognitively functional. (you know what is going on around you). You are reflecting. You are Meditating. You could be walking in a garden or a park, you are wondering, gazing or leisurely drifting. You are deeply relaxed, your eyes are usually closed (you are internalising, your brain does not have to focus; you are instinctively shutting-out vision, thus any external stimuli that will interfere with your state of mind).


Being in a Theta, you are:

• Light meditating, falling asleep

  • Taking time off

  • Entering ‘day-dreaming’

  • Not cognitively functioning, you don’t know what is going on around you, you are not aware of the outside world

  • Having thoughts, visions and/or dreamlike experiences

  • Typically doing long-distance driving

  • Typically doing long-distance running, not recognizing anyone, because you are not focusing on anything or paying specific attention

  • Typically in the shower or brushing your hair (- being on auto-pilot)

  • You are mentally disengaged

If you want to experience Free flow in your life and you want things to work out smoothly, without hassles, then make sure you get enough time out. More to the point, make sure that you do use your ‘time out’ in a way that will serve your well-being now and later.


Being in a Delta state, you are typically in a:

  • Dreamless sleep

  • You are sleeping 7-9 – hours/night

  • You can enter Transcendental meditation

  • Realm of your unconscious mind. Delta is the gateway of the universal mind & collective consciousness.

  • You can receive information here that is not available at your conscious levels.

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