60 seconds with... Jane G.

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You attend both Suz and Marco’s classes, can you explain the difference between the two methods?

Marco and Suz have different personal styles as you would expect. But what I love about both is that they complement each other. They start from a similar knowledge base and use the same principles and methods. Sometimes, you see a theme during a week, whether they intend it or not, so you feel you are building on a particular focus as the week goes on.


What do you get from each of them?

I always feel fantastic when I leave their classes. Both encourage and push and I always feel that I’ve progressed, even just a little, in each class.


Why did you choose our Studio rather than a gym or a traditional Pilates studio?

I originally started at SFStudios on a friend’s recommendation and very quickly feel in love with the personal, friendly approach used by all the teachers. The atmosphere is always a happy energetic one.