60 seconds with... Fiona M.


You attend Suz and Marco’s classes, can you explain me the difference between the two methods?

It’s a given that both Suz and Marco are 100% dedicated to the fundamentals of their practice. 100% appreciated by me. Given this shared commitment to detail. I would say Marco is more routinely focused on the bricks and blocks- The chords. Suz is more instructive; improvises; more into me flow/movement, while on top of detail. 


What do you expect from them?

With Suz – expect the unexpected high energy, fun, an ability to connect and engage on a personal level with everyone. A full assessment of your place, your being. 

With Marco – it is my M.O.B. I know what to expect – value his work highly as a comfort point to Suz. Both methods speak to each other/blend. 


Why do you need both of them (class with Marco and 1:1 with Suz)? 

Great to combine 1 :1 with classes – different dynamic, perspective. Appreciate strength with Marco. Sense of ongoing development and settings sights and goals and possibilities with Suz. Back to base, being grinded with Marco. Enjoy my week immensely with Suz. 

Marco is technique, movement conditioning.  Suz is movement, feeling, flow.