Welcome back to your ‘Training & Rehabilitation Home.’


We are excited to teach you some tools  so you can look after yourself as well as possible. Some of you are new and some of you are regulars and know exactly what we mean.

We are all students and we learn all the time. So, what do students need to know:

1.         We need to come with a plan & an AIM:

•      Why are youhere?

•      What would you like to achieve?

•      When would you like to achieve your AIM?

•      How will we work together toachieve your goal(s).

2.         The more specific we are, the more accurately we can plan.

3.         Planning is important – from bothsides. Preparation has a knock-on effect, the moreyouprepare,themoreweprepare. The process just gets more and more dynamic and that is when you start to see and feel actualresults.

4.         Be on time – it is your time and it is precious.

5.         Remember the influence of  your brainwaves on the overall performance of your health, mind and body.  The healthier your brain, the more you can absorb, retain & apply new information, whichleadstosomewonderfulskillsets.

6.         Sleep well.

7.         Dedicate your time to ensure regular alpha, theta and delta times. Have an over-all balanced approach to life in general.

8.         Becreative.

9.         Learning  is  an interactive   process, so please bring along your ideas or requests. You can ask for help at any time - if we can help, we will.

We offer a wide variety of services toaddress all of our client’s needs as best as we can. In ‘SF Therapy you will find Physio, Osteo, Sports Therapy, Reflexology, Massage and Thai-Massage. We are here to help you rebuild your strength & help you back on your feet. We work with knowledge, empathy and always respect yourpace.

In SF Movement you will find a wide variety of classes: Our latest additions are Box- Fit & Hip-Hop for those that want a HITT experience and some creativity.It’s fun whilehavingahardwork-out.Letitout!Let it go. For people that are still retraining and want to continue to improve their mobility and strength. Look at the time-table or ask anyone from the team to give youadvice.

We also offer workshops on Sundays. These workshops are ‘topic-lead’ workshops. They explore important themes in our lives and we work through movement, breathing andcreativity.Ifyouwanttobeinspiredand feel mentally, emotionally and physically great,thenthisisforyou.Opentoalllevels.

Our retreat for June 2019 is fully booked – we hope that wecan follow on the incredible experience of last year.

Finally,  we  offer  Coaching   Workshops to small groups to inspire, connect and optimize teams. Retaining ambitious, pro-active teams are important forall. Dynamic, energized, supportive work placesare possible – take SF Studios as an example.

Suzanne Ferreira