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A group of highly experienced psychotherapists offering individual, couple and group psychotherapy. For many people, group therapy is a compelling experience that can be profoundly illuminating about themselves & their relationships with others.

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Group therapy offers a potent, affordable alternative to individual therapy. All members, potentially, are therapists for each other. It prepares for the reciprocal nature of social living; for receiving and giving help; for centering on the self and decentering from the self. 

If people believe that psychotherapy is an artificial situation, then being in a group may change that. There is a quality of immediacy and intimacy. For many, this can be profoundly illuminating about themselves and their relationships.

Could it help you?

People come for group therapy for a variety of reasons (such as: anxiety, depression, loss, career difficulties, poor self-esteem) and discover in the process a new way of understanding themselves. Usually, the problem is helped. Ultimately, what is gained is infinitely richer than mere symptom relief.

The therapist is in the background supporting the process, rather than directing it. In this way, group members take on significant roles for each other. The group as a whole becomes a therapeutic medium. 

Some have worries about joining a group. There can be a belief that only one-to-one therapy offers the safety and confidentiality to make therapy viable. There are also fears of competition: how to stand one’s ground and find one’s voice. Most joiners find the group supportive in these areas, strengthening self-esteem and confidence.

 A sense of belonging

Groups are not always the comfort zones that many long for – but this is part of the process of learning about oneself. Emotional development is often not easy. Frustration, disappointment, envy and anger, when expressed in a supportive group, can be transformative.

Over time, the experience of belonging to a group can be healing – to be oneself and to have a sense of belonging in what can feel like a fast-paced, isolating world.

How Groups are run at The Fitzrovia Group Analytic Practice?

Before joining a group there is a consultation to explore how group psychotherapy might be of value and to prepare the member for what to expect. The consultation may take several sessions. 

Groups consist of up to eight members, mixed in background, gender and age. The members each have different concerns they want to explore and come with a number of issues often concerning family, relationships, work, social concerns, anxiety, loss, bereavement, depression or a wish to have a better life.

Some groups are once weekly; some are twice weekly. Each group runs for 90 minutes and is held every week at the same time and place. 

When joining a group, members agree to confidentiality as part of creating a sense of trust and safety. Every effort is made to ensure that members do not know each other.

Therapists at the Fitzrovia Group Analytic Practice

We are a group of highly experienced psychotherapists offering individual, couple and group psychotherapy. We also provide training to other professionals as well as supervision, mentoring and organizational consultation. 

We are all registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy and have senior positions at the Institute of Group Analysis.

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