Interview with Neil Smith

Neil Smith

When and why did you attend SF Studios? 

SF Studios were recommended to me to help overcome chronic back pain. I’ve been coming for almost 2 years now as part of a proactive preventive programme.  In the last few months the team have also been helping me recover from a torn knee ligament. 

What do you find beneficial about the service provided?

First and foremost I now live the vast majority of my life pain free and no longer have to take prescription pain relief.  I’m fitter than I have been for years, am enjoying a much more active life with my 2 young children as when my back was at its worst, I couldn’t even pick them up!  My emotional wellbeing is much improved and because I’ve lost a fair bit of weight, I’ve been able to get myself some swish new clothes too!

How has Seb helped you in your time with SF Studios?

Seb has been fantastic right from the initial rehabilitation time to the conditioning work we are now able to do.  Even when I have suffered set-backs, like my knee injury, Seb has been able to adapt our programme so we can continue the good work. I’m able to do things now I never thought possible. But it’s much more than just the physical recovery; Seb has encouraged me to adopt a more healthy diet and been always encouraging of ways to manage a hectic life that includes lots of work related travel and 2 young and energetic children at home!

How would you describe SF Studios to friends and colleagues?

A simply amazing place!  Centre of physical recovery, emotional wellbeing and conditioning all based around a core principle of movement.  I genuinely think they can help anyone and produce the best possible results - I say this as a person who spent 20 years with physios, personal trainers and osteopaths!  It is a really welcoming place too – the whole team are great and no matter what your start point or target, they can help.

How has SF Studios helped you since your first visit? 

They have genuinely had a positive impact on my life.  Without their help, I faced a life of pain management and high risk operations on my back.  Now I am able to move freely and can even keep up with my young children most of the time!