What is mine to do with the life I’ve been given?
— Edith Eger

Water is necessary for the utilisation of nutrients.Blood = Water. Blood (water) is the way to get nutrients to your cells. Good cells = Good Health.

How do you get rid of inflammation and toxins? Through Fluid; stools, sweat (skin), mucus membranes. 65% of the body is water. When there is a lack of water, toxins (waste products) cannot get out of your body (system). Nutrients cannot get in either. This is a Disaster. Your body gets polluted by toxins, your healthy cells diminish -You end up Sick. (Arthritis, inflammation, allergies, headaches, discomfort, pain).

What do we see in clinics today?

The average person in the street is 60-65% hydrated. The average person today has 33% body fat. Body fat contains ZERO water.

What is your fat %? How much water do you take daily? What do you think your hydration % is?

1% drop in hydration leads directly to 5% drop in cognitive function! How well do we cognitively function in our society? I wonder how much water the decision makers in your company drink/day.

Digestive issues are now up to 90% in any given group! What is going on?

How do we hydrate? Water alone is not enough. What food do you put into your mouth? How much dry food? How much salt?

What happens to a wafer biscuit, a piece of bread, a crisp etc. when you eat it? Does it come out wet or dry on the other side?