Interview with Ipek

"SFS is for people with positive attitude and patience. And also for people who care about their own well-being in the long term."

Tell us about yourself. Your age, career, hobbies, one thing you can’t stand.

I am 51 years old. I am a housewife. I don’t have any specific hobbies. I love watching movies and TV series while cooking.

Oh dear, I cannot stand a lot of things (I was a lot worse though!) - first thing that comes to my mind is either too many excuses or even worse a "so what" attitude.

Why did you come to SF Studios?

I came to SFS because of the pain around my left hip and lower back. My GP told me to see a physiotherapist. And my friend Joel had strongly recommended Suz. 

What did you expect when you scheduled your first appointment?

Only talking and focusing on the pain, maybe some stretching and massage together with some specific strengthening exercises, & some exercises to do at home.

What did you think/find when you walked through our doors?

I really liked it. It was very welcoming and felt quite relaxing.

What was the biggest lesson you took away from your first appointment. Any insights / surprises?

I was expecting to focus only about the painful area. It was a big surprise that the first visit was not only about the pain but also about myself, and how to create time and space to feel better. The card to myself was a brilliant idea :-)  The facts about the brainwaves were impressive and the advice to lower them before entering SFS does make a difference.

How did you feel when you left our Studio after the first time?

I felt very relaxed and energetic. I wanted to go back again very soon - and I did. 

Briefly tell us about your journey from your first time to now.

After my first visit I started to join various Movement, Strength and Pilates lessons. They all felt very good. I’m trying to do 3 lessons a week. During the classes Suz makes you work really hard with empathy :-) and gives you brilliant tips to correct the movements in a way that you would understand. To my surprise in every lesson she asks you to do something different which makes each lesson very interesting. 

I also very much enjoy the Pilates sessions with Karen on Saturdays. These sessions are very calming and relaxing, makes me feel energized afterwards which is a great way to start the weekends. 

What is SF Studios to you?

SFS is a place where you feel positive energy. It’s full of feel good elements for me. Everything seems in good order and very clean which in my opinion reflects the discipline at SFS. Everyone here has positive and understanding attitude, which is great.

I usually have lessons with Suz. Her full attention and eagerness during the lessons makes me want to come more often, work harder and better. 

For who is SF Studios?

SFS is for people with positive attitude and patience. And also for people who care about their own well-being in the long term. 

What should we always maintain? 

The calmness, cleanliness and positive energy. No phones is just brilliant. And of course the ginger roots by the sink. (No need to write about how wonderful it is to have ginger tea during the lessons) 

Anything else you would wish to add?

I would love to have a small daily exercise plan to start and end the day. 

I love the videos that Suz sends - they are very very helpful. Together with these videos, I would love to have the description of some exercises, so that it may take less time to go over them while doing it at home. Might be easier to remember.