A quick survey of your opinion about the Brainwaves Conference

Thank you very much for attending my talk. I hope that the importance of brainwaves and how relevant they are, in every single aspect of your life, gives you the opportunity to take a step back and to re-assess; temporarily to eliminate things and people from your mind and perhaps to implement less, to focus on quality, to understand what makes sense - where and when. My wish for all of us is ultimately to feel more grounded at home and at work. Stop being busy, avoid people that are busy all the time - the knock-on effect is fierce. Periods of ‘silence’ and ‘rest’ are not only essential, they are the key for living life well. Suz.

‘Actions express Priorities’ - M. Ghandi

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I am particularly interested in your opinion and advice on how to ensure that the talk (and/or any follow-up workshops) would have an enduring effect, and would not be merely transient.