Catch That Fall Workshops at SF Studios

New comers welcome! Maintain the motivation of the retreat, reconnect with the group and receive ongoing support with our monthly workshops at SF Studios. 

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Join us every second Sunday of the month

11 November 2018 | 10am - 12pm, £50

Wise choices - confident self-reliance 

Body MOT (Suz

Moving with confidence (Ginny

Restorative (Suz & Ginny)

10 February 2019 | 10am - 12pm, £50


When we feel we are 'off balance', we are naturally motivated to restore a position of balance. Do we need to take one step back? When was the last time that you felt your life was ‘in balance’ – How did that feel? How did that look? 

This workshop will explore the powerful connection between body & mind: when they are aligned and balanced. 

We will experiment with movement to throw us off balance, and then to bring us back into balance. We will look at our own bodies to recognise if we are working from a balanced position or whether we are habitually off balance. (This could be the result of injury and/or pain which can lead to compensating mechanisms which gradually result in physical asymmetries, leading to discomfort and pain.) 

Working creatively, we will gain an understanding of how a stable mind, can stimulate, and be significant in, establishing a balanced body. With this approach, we hope to gain a greater engagement with day to day life!


10 March 2019 | 10am - 12pm, £50


Working with what you have now – not with what you had yesterday or even a moment ago - recognising the law of impermanence. 

Change is inevitable and occurs constantly all around us. Do we fight and resist change ? Do we fear change ? Do we embrace change? How do you feel about change – mentally, emotionally and physically? 

Keeping a state of equanimity and appreciation for change, can open us to the choices we have. 

Our bodies are not the same from moment to moment, day to day, year to year. We cannot stop the process of ageing maturing, and possibly finding ourselves hampered with new physical constraints to work through. However, we can have an impact. We ought to do what we can, to support ourselves, to age gracefully 

This workshop will look at ways to accept and understand changes within our bodies. We will appreciate that 'this moment' is the only place, where we can truly live.

14 April 2019 | 10am - 12pm, £50


Our bodies can store our feelings as muscular memory. Over time, feelings can shape the way we hold and move our bodies. 

In this fast paced world, we spend so much time 'in our heads’ and we can easily forget, how to ‘feel’. We can lose the ability to look within, and neglect to listen to the all the important messages, therein. 

Only when we begin to express our feelings, and become in tune with our whole -self, can we regain balance and health. We are all vulnerable at time. Do you allow yourself to feel vulnerable and can you articulate and share that vulnerability? Or is ‘that feeling’ suppressed and disguised all the time? 

We will work towards releasing negative patterns. We will understand how these muscular memories, can be released through movement and mindfulness, freeing us to create positive changes and to find new energy in our lives.

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