Comprehensive Knee Exercises

About these exercises:

In this video we are going to focus on straight legs mainly, except for one exercise. Our knees are bent most of the time, so it is crucial that we work on our straight leg strength and support. Those Quadriceps muscles in the front of our thighs are so important to keep OA/pain in the knees and back pain away. The Hollow Body on your tummy is a tricky one, DO NOT LIFT your bum off the floor, literally stretch (extend) through your legs as hard you can, whilst tucking your tailbone under. That belly needs to come off the floor, even when it feels impossible, do not give up. A very few of us can sit in L-sit, with the legs straight and the back elongated (not hunched) because most of our hamstring are shortened due to near permanent flexed knees!! When you do this properly, you will be amazed. A good tip, start sitting on front of your couch on the floor at night. Enjoy the Half-knee position where you are staring to stretch the hip flexors and work on eccentric strength in your Quadriceps muscles – this will help walking down hills and down staircases.