Playful Dance for Health

Starting on 21th September 2019 | 3:00pm - 4:30pm

Eva Magyar - Dance Therapy Course in SF Studios

These programmes are suitable for all – for those seeking a new adventure in physicality through to those looking to gain newfound emotional understanding and self-confidence. No need for a dance background. 

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Éva & SF Studios believe in the transformational power and healing energy of movement, both for the physical and the emotional self.

Through dance we promote creativity as well as intellectual & emotional confidence while also building our physical motor skills.

At the end of the session you will go away with a good physical workout, joyful discoveries and laughter. You will have a journey in your memories and creating your own dance out of them, giving you a cleared view of your present and how to reach your future aims.

Step out of your everyday life

and leave the grey clouds behind.

Eva Magyar - Balancing Pigeon