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Trail Dance Class with Eva Magyar

90 minute Trial Dance Class

with the very talented & successful Eva Magyar on Saturday 14th September 4pm

Dancing Spirits…

Sometimes beautiful things, like butterflies, land on your doorstep. In this case, Eva Magyar. Eva trained at Budapest Drama and Film University and is an actress, dancer, choreographer and director including both work in the Theatre and Television. She is also a dance movement therapist & a truly talented and inspiring individual.

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It’s time to Move beyond exercise…

Workshops: 14th September 2-4pm

Instructor: Sara Newman

If you have always dreamed of becoming an inspired movement athlete, then you’ve come to the right place.

A class which integrates Yoga with Kung Fu, Kick Boxing as well as Dance, Strength & Conditioning, Calisthenics and Mobility, where every person strives to be the best version of themselves within a respectful nurturing environment.

Before you know it, you will be arm balancing, flip upping and jump kicking your way to a new you.

The Move session at SF Studios was a very fun and relaxing experience. All members of staff made us feel extremely welcome from the moment we walked in. Sara’s tuition allowed me to become aware of those areas I need to focus on to gain strength or flexibility. I have taken away much knowledge from the experience about my mind, body and breathing too, which I know will prove useful in future. It was a pleasant and beneficial workshop and I would be sure to go again

Laily 14

The role of Osteopathy & Movement in the field of Pain Management

19th September 2019 | 6pm

Pain is a complex topic and one in which many facets of life are often interrelated. The  'quick fix' approach to pain management does not often address the underlying issues and what can occur is a return to a painful state and a continual cycle of intervention, short term relief and a gradual return to pain.  

In this talk you will learn how movement and osteopathy (physical therapy) can help provide a more robust and resilient body able to withstand the demands of modern life. 

We will cover key points including: 

A brief history of human movement: What went wrong! 

How Movement can help create resilience in our body: From our brains to our periphery 

Our approach to movement education and how it helps interrupt pain pathways 

The role of 'hands on' therapy and it's effect on pain perception

The Transition of pain from Acute to Chronic - The role of movement and Osteopathy

Please Note:

Bookings close 1 week before workshops begin.