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Pain - Management perspectives from Osteopathy & Movement

September 2019

How Osteopathy and Movement can free you from the pain cycle. 

The role of Osteopathy & Movement in the complex field of Pain management 

Strategies to treat and manage Pain - An Osteopathic and Movement coaching insight. 

Pain is a complex topic and one in which many facets of life are often interrelated. The magic button approach to pain management is one which many people have tried but what often happens is a return to a painful state and a continual cycle of intervention - relief - gradual return to pain. 

In this talk you will learn how movement and osteopathy (physical therapy) can help provide a more robust and resilient body able to withstand the demands of modern life. 

We will cover key points including:

  • A brief history of human movement: What went wrong! 

  • How Movement can help create resilience in our body: From our brains to our periphery. 

  • Our approach to movement education and how it helps interrupt pain pathways 

  • The role of 'hands on' therapy and it's effect on pain perception

  • The Transition of pain from Acute to Chronic - The role of movement and Osteopathy.

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