Our Workshops



12th May 2019 | 10am - 12pm, £50

Our bodies can store our feelings as muscular memory. Over time, feelings can shape the way we hold and move our bodies. 

In this fast paced world, we spend so much time 'in our heads’ and we can easily forget, how to ‘feel’. We can lose the ability to look within, and neglect to listen to the all the important messages, therein. 

Only when we begin to express our feelings, and become in tune with our whole -self, can we regain balance and health. We are all vulnerable at time. Do you allow yourself to feel vulnerable and can you articulate and share that vulnerability? Or is ‘that feeling’ suppressed and disguised all the time? 

We will work towards releasing negative patterns. We will understand how these muscular memories, can be released through movement and mindfulness, freeing us to create positive changes and to find new energy in our lives.

Please Note:

Bookings close 1 week before Workshops begin.