Yoga with Sara

Starting on 29th October 2019 | 7:30pm - 8:45pm

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The aim is provide participants with a thorough, illuminating and enjoyable course of yoga sessions that presents the key aspects yogic science in an informative and practical way:

  1. Breathing Techniques and Awareness

  2. Movement (Asana, Transition, Alignment, Flow)

  3. Relaxation (through Auto-Suggestion, Tension & Release, and Meditations)

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Stretching - Sara Newman - SF Studios

The Rishis described what modern science has proven: there is an inner homeostasis that can guide our actions, movement, and psychophysiological reaction to the world. Yoga can bring optimum physical and mental health by balancing all the functions of the mind and body through the breath, posture and focus. 

Participants may become more familiar with the functions of the body and find out how to still the mind through movement. Or they may simply enjoy the feeling of hearing why each posture is beneficial!

Each session we awaken dormant parts of the body and mind to stimulate the endocrine, respiratory, nervous and cardiovascular systems and also to improve posture and perspective through the power of aware relaxation, which brings the mind under control.

Week by week we bring our focus on a specific body part such as hips, heart, head or side body. In yogic philosophy each sphere of the human body represents a corresponding part of the mental body.

The abdomen for example represents, fire, self determination, and transformation so the focus of the class in week 4 will be physically on abdominal strength, twists, balance and mentally on focus, confidence and self-empowerment. In week, 5 participants will be introduced to backbends. Emphasis here is on extension and expansion with a compassionate awareness of the limitations the body presents.

The 2 sessions before the Xmas break are for course members who attended at least 4 sessions. These yoga sessions will bring together all that was taught on the course: breathing and relaxation techniques, asana, and meditation.

Sara - Peace - Meditation