Pregnancy/Postnatal Physiotherapy & Pilates

Pregnancy and postnatal Physiotherapy with Karin at SF Studios in Hampstead, London

Karin Goldschmidt is our Women's health Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor who is extremely passionate about working together with pregnant and postnatal women holistically; helping with physical problems as well as optimising general wellness, fitness and vitality. 

Karin can help women who suffers from pre and post natal problems such as pelvic associated pain, back pain, sciatica or carpal tunnel syndrome. She is also trained in helping in the recovery following pelvic floor weakness, separation of the abdominal muscles (diastasic recti), prolapse, episiotomy or tear, caesarean scar pain, De quervains condition (repetitive wrist strain). 

Following an initial postural and movement assessment, depending of your specific needs, Karin uses a variation of treatment techniques such as manual therapy, breathing practises, soft tissue therapy, exercise, re education of functional movements such as how to best carry/ lift your baby etc, mindfulness and advice on nutrition. 

Apart from one to one sessions, Karin also offers group Pregnancy and Postnatal Pilates classes.