Relaxing Meditation with Alex

Wednesday mornings from 8:30am

Energise your day by meditating with Alex. She combines peaceful energy with highly frequencies for your body, giving you the opportunity to feel strong, happy and relaxed so you can have an amazing day ahead. 

Alex has worked with hundreds of stressed out and unhappy people in the last ten years, which prompted her to start her healing journey, sharing her talents and tools to now help people reconnect with themselves, live mindfully and experience an extraordinary life.

Through these meditation sessions you will experience the bliss of taking time out, calming your mind and energising your body. By doing so, you are creating more time for yourself in your daily life. 

This could be your first time or your hundredth time meditating, every experience is unique and personal to you! 

“I started my day with an inspiring 30 minutes of meditation, calming my mind and energising my body with Alex’s guidance. It was a great exercise to learn from, and to repeat those thoughts throughout my day really helped. Alex's voice is magical and she inspires a wonderful peace within. I’d really recommend Alex’s meditation sessions!” – Sarah Szekir-Papasavva

You can read more about Alex here.