Holistic Health Injection | Retreat Overview

25 - 29 OCTOBER 2018



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3 Day Workshop (in-depth retreat) 
- a complete holistic ‘health injection’.

‘Catch that Fall’ Retreat has been created for people who wish to learn how to look after themselves holistically. The 3-day programme is for those who desire to improve and re-align their minds and bodies in order to feel personally more empowered.

Your team is dedicated to helping you to find the motivation and drive to regain your fitness and well-being in a sensible, long-lasting way. All of us benefit from recharging our batteries and getting rid of the layers of stress. No matter how good our intentions, we are not immune to the build-up of stress, living in cities, coping with demanding lifestyles and constantly having to be responsible and accountable. In the process, we tend to neglect ourselves.

‘Catch that Fall’ retreat will put you back on your map and you will regain the insight and inspiration to take the first few steps in the right direction. Just fifteen minutes a day can change our whole day. Let other capable people take charge and make decisions. Give yourself the opportunity to learn, to improve and simply to feel better.


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The daily programme is delivered by a passionate team of professionals, very experienced in their own fields. Everything is in place for you to surrender within this beautiful setting, leaving you free to enjoy and to focus on our programme. Each day will be a complete gestalt.

The daily programme is well balanced between exertion and stimulation with plenty of time for relaxation, unwinding, and reflection. At the conclusion of the retreat, you will leave with an increased awareness and understanding of your body and its capabilities. You will also learn how the mind-body connection is inextricably linked and how this affects your mental and physical well-being.

View a typical day on your ‘catch that fall’ retreat….



Our daily morning walk/run in the l’Esterel, on top of the mountains with an amazing view over the bay of Cannes, will leave you speechless. You will enjoy 360-degree views with the sky and the horizon as your companion. Breathing the fresh air is a therapy on its own. A great way to start the day!

Your heart and lungs are now ready to be challenged in a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) work-out.

After this, you will be well ready for a refresher and a scrumptious, nutritious breakfast. This will be followed by a restful window, to be calm, to have some space and to evaluate your personal compass.



Day One – Your Personal Compass

We will start the first day with where you are, and assess where you wish to go and why? You will be amazed how much insight you can gain by talking to others.

At this point, we hope that you will be feeling lighter and eager to move your body. In this next workshop, you will be imaginative and expressive. We will all ‘let go’; have fun and release any inhibitions.

Time to replenish, sleep, swim, have a massage*, read, go for a walk - this “window of choice” is for you to spend as you desire.

· We recommend that you pre-book your massage, as space is limited, although it will be possible to book a massage at any time throughout the retreat if space is available.

Back to your mat… this time we will focus on each joint with precision and determination. Your joints will mobilise, your muscles will pull and push, and you will strengthen and challenge yourself in a safe, contained environment.

We will wind down this abundant day with a restorative stretch session. We will focus on your breathing and relaxation.

We will bring the day to an end with a well-deserved aperitif, followed by an exquisite meal, specially prepared for you. You will remember this aperitif as the most ‘chilled’ aperitif of your life!

Sleep well, and we will greet you in nature for your second-morning walk. Night night.


Days Two and Three

The next two days will have the same format, however, the content will change each day. Please refer to the website for full details, if you wish to have a peek.

You will flow from one session to another, the only thing you have to do is to turn up in time (and we will even help you with that if that is what you need totally to surrender). Leave your worries behind, we will take care of everything. That is our promise to you.

The cost of all of your sessions is included in your package. We passionately encourage you to join all sessions, in order to gain maximum benefit during and after your retreat. We cater for all fitness levels. Remember, the choice is always yours and we will support your choice.


- Booking -

All bookings through sfstudioslondon.com. 
Refer to website or contact 020 7284 1168 and or email info@sfstudioslondon.com

Please refer to the website for all prices, room descriptions and services. Choose your favourite room. The cost per room includes the full day's package and is charged per night. Rooms will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. We will do our best to accommodate your choice of rooms. 


  Book and pay by 10th September 2018 and get 10% discount on your package.               We will also be hosting a final celebratory dinner party and you will be served a breakfast or receive food parcels for your travels free of charge.