Thai Yoga Massage


What is it?

Thai Yoga Massage is a unique and powerful massage therapy that combines acupressure and gentle applied stretching; Traditionally done on a mat on the floor, it is a dry form of massage where the receiver is wearing comfortable stretchy clothes and no oils are used. The therapist is using their thumbs, palms, feet, elbow to press on energy points and lines across the body; A lot of stretching is involved and many of the exercises can be described as "applied physical Yoga". 

Traditional Thai yoga massage also called "Antient Massage" in Thailand, can look back at a long history of therapeutic healing, the earliest roots of which lie in Northern India some 2,500 years ago. 

Thai Yoga Massage is the type of treatment that manifests how uniquely different everybody is, and so is every massage. The practitioner has to tune into the being of each and every person anew, and even each and every time with the same person; 

Thai Massage has a vast number of stretches that can suit different people, therefore the therapist is extremely careful and sensitive in their approach- the amount of pressure is adjusted to the ideal therapeutic level which is firm but does not exceed the individual's threshold of pain, and the stretches are selected based on receiver's level of flexibility, age, state of mind, any current or past injuries or medical conditions.

On initial visit a consultation is conducted to identify any possible individual contraindications and determine areas of focus and goals. The massage itself start with a thorough work on the feet and legs, and usually ends with the neck and face. Throughout the session therapist may choose to put the receiver lying on their back, front, side or seated mainly based or level of flexibility and areas of focus. 

During the massage the receiver should remain passive and allow the therapist to perform stretches to them. Although physically passive, the receiver is encouraged to remain present and focused on the treatment, and in that way participate by working with their breath and further relax which would increase the effectiveness and outcomes of the massage. 

Benefits (how Thai Yoga Massage can help): 

  • Encouraging healing and recovery through stillness of the body and mind,

  • Increased one's own body awareness, 

  • Calm or envigorate Central nervous system, 

  • Increase general and local circulation, 

  • Improve muscles and joints flexibility, 

  • Stimulate the work of the internal organs, 

  • Improve breathing,

  • Help the body to detoxicate. 

Thai Yoga Massage, as a complementary therapy, is invaluable for promoting health and well-being and is recommended in combination with nutritious food and physical activity as part of a balanced healthy lifestyle.